Capsule Kacip Fatimah Manjakani Plus (30 Capsules)



Product Code : KF – 30
Bar Code : 9555217 408121
Size Per Unit : 30 Capsules

Traditionally used to relieve menstrual disorder, whites and itchiness, headache, promote blood circulation and menstruation, maintain good health and enhance women health after delivery, nourish womb after giving birth. It also relieves backache, joint paint as well as expel wind from the body, smooth the cleaning of bladder and bowel.

Usage :
2 capsules to be taken twice a day after meal

Prohibition :
This is a traditional medicine. Please consult your pharmacist/doctor if symtoms persists. Store at below than 30c.
Protect from light and moisture. Warning, pregnancy and breastfeeding ; insufficient reliable data.

Packaging Size:
Size Per Unit : 30 capsules
Unit Per Carton : 144 unit

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