Our Story

Our Story

SYARIKAT ZULKIFLI BAMADHAJ SDN BHD was founded in 1965 and incorporated on 1972.

The formation of PETANI was inspired by the founders who were working as farmers with years of experience in the field of agriculture. Their experience in this field has provided them with the inspiration to deliver a leading local brand company in the herbal industries.

The principal activity of the company is to process and manufacture traditional medicine that are made from the natural herbs. The operation of the business takes place in 1-1, Jalan Perindustrian 2, Kawasan Perindustrian Bukit Bakri, 84200 Muar, Johor, Malaysia. The company has obtained its GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) License from the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau, Ministry of Health of Malaysia.

To compete in today’s highly competitive business environment, we offer diversification through our products. Therefore, a new subsidiary company (ZULKIFLI BAMADHAJ BEVERAGES INDUSTRIES SDN BHD) that mainly focuses on the processing and production of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector was then formed. Ready-to-Drink products and Instant Premix drinks are products that fall under the category of FMCG sector where RTD are packaged beverages such as fruit juices and Instant Premix drinks are 3 in 1 coffee and tea. For the moment being, our company are producing health supplement products, Ready-to-Drink products and Instant Premix drinks.


Our company has been in the market for 5 decades now. Petani was founded in 1965 and incorporated on 1972. With over 50 years of experiences in the market, we can proudly call our company the pioneer of the herbal industries. We know the ins and outs of the market like the back of our hands.

Besides that, quality is our priority. Since we are the manufacturer of our own product, we are the one who is fully in charged with the whole process of transforming our products from raw materials into finished goods. We have our own lab and factory to undertake the whole process of producing products. Therefore, we have the confidence to guarantee consumer that our products are of good quality.


To be leading conglomerate with the ability to compete and innovation that excel in the industry.


To ensure that the products manufactured by the company are high quality products that does not only meet the standard set by the local government agencies but as well as the international standard.