About Us


SYARIKAT ZULKIFLI BAMADHAJ SDN. BHD. is founded in 1965 by En. Khalid Ahmad and his wife Pn. Mahani Abdullah and officially established in 1972. Its core business is processing and producing traditional medicines based on herbs with the brand PETANI.

PETANI Brand creation is the brainchild of En. Khalid Ahmad and his wife Pn. Mahani Abdullah on their background as a farmer that involved in agriculture. Their work has provided a source of inspiration to create a excellence local brand and respect in the herbal industry.

Starting from a small company that processed the product at home, now ZULKIFLI BAMADHAJ COMPANY SDN. BHD. led by is son that En. Zulkifli Khalid has started to move its operations to the industrial area of Bukit Bakri, Muar, Johor. The Company has obtained a license GMP (Good Manufacturing Pratise) from the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau, Ministry of Health Malaysia.

The products produced have been checked and approved by the Drug Authority, Ministry of Health Malaysia.

In 2006 the company established a subsidiary company of ZULKIFLI BAMADHAJ MARKETING (M) SDN. BHD. where all activities involving the planning and execution of sales and marketing is fully controlled by these companies.

In 2007 appeared a new subsidiary of ZULKIFLI BAMADHAJ BEVERAGES INDUSTRIES, processing activities and the production of primary products of this company is in the FMCG sector (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). There are two main categories of products, the first is the production of instant beverage products that Eury Café, Kacima Café, Sarbat Tea and others. The second is the production of beverage products such as Asam Jawa, Asam Boi, Teh Bunga and others.

Being a conglomerate of innovative, competitive and industry leading network in the explored to bring the brand PETANI.

Ensure that the products produced with high quality standards set by the relevant local government agencies, and standing with the standards recognized internationally.


  • Enhance consumer awareness of the importance of health care with eating traditional medicines based on locally produced herbs.
  • Always sensitive to the needs and satisfaction for the production of quality products.
  • Establish a team of productive and competitive among the lower level until the top level in line with the vision and mission.
  • Ensure that products produced under the brand PETANI consistent in quality and effectiveness.

Your Healthy Families Happy.

We believe that health care is most important than other things because of having a healthy body healthy is an invaluable asset subsequently produce a happy family.